Orbea Delivery Schedule

ORBEA Delivery Schedule

Like a lot of industries around the world, bike manufacturers have been badly hit by the knock-on effects to the global production & distribution chains.

Orbea is doing all they can to get the various models we have ordered to us as quickly as possible, but in most cases it will take a bit longer than usual, and dates can change without warning due to parts suddenly being unavailable or a hold up in shipping capacity. 

Our Orbea models will be shipped or air-flown to Singapore as soon as they become available from the factory. We will be updating this page as new delivery information becomes available. We apologize in advance for any unforeseen delay that may occur.

        Dec 2021
          • Avant H30-D (Endurance Road) (~2 & 21 Dec)
          • 2022 Orca M30 (~14 Dec)
          • 2022 Orca M20 (~14 Dec)
          • 2022 Orca M31eTeam (~27 Dec)
          • Carpe 40 (Urban/Hybrid) (~14 Dec)
          • Vector 20 (Urban/Hybrid) (~14 Dec)
          • Terra H30 (All-Road/Gravel) (~21 Dec)
        Avant H30-D2022 Orca M302022 Orca M202022 Orca M31eTeam Carpe 40Vector 20Terra H30


        Jan 2022

        • MX 20 (MTB) (~18 Jan 2022)
        • MX 50 (MTB) (~18 Jan 2022)
        • 2022 Avant H60-D (~20 Jan 2022)
        • Orbea's 2022 Range (Details to follow)

         MX29 50MX29 20

        Feb 2022

        • 2021 Alma M50 (XC MTB) (~9 Feb 2022)

        Alma M50

        Note: Delivery dates are subject to change due to disruptions in the supply chain. Information will be updated as it becomes available from the factory