Orbea Delivery Schedule

ORBEA Delivery Schedule

Like a lot of industries around the world, bike manufacturers have been badly hit by the knock-on effects to the global distribution chain. Orbea is trying to get the various models we have ordered to us as quickly as possible, but it will take some time. 

Orbea models will be arriving in Singapore as they become available from the factory. (we will be updating this page as new delivery information becomes available)

April 2021

  • Carpe 40 (Urban/Hybrid)
  • Carpe 20 (Urban/Hybrid)
  • Vector 20 (Urban/Hybrid)
Orbea Carpe 20Orbea Vector 20
May 2021
  • Orca 30 (Road)
  • Orca 20 (Road) 
June 2021
  • Terra H40 (Road)
  • Rise M10 (E-Bike MTB)
Orbea Terra H40Orbea Rise M10
Aug 2021
  • Rise M10 (E-Bike MTB)

Orbea Oiz M-LTD

Sept 2021

  • Avant H30 (Road)
  • MX 20 (MTB)
  • MX 50 (MTB)
  • Terra H30 (Road)
  • Orca 30 (Road)

Orbea Avant H30Orbea MX 20

 Oct 2021

  • Alma M50 (MTB)
  • Avant H30 (Road)
  • Orca 30 (Road)
  • MX 20 (MTB)

Orbea Alma M50Orbea Avant H30

Note: Other models (incl. Orca Aero, Occam, & Laufy etc.), are on order, but do not have a confirmed shipping date yet. Information will be updated as it becomes available from the factory